Marie Feargrieve

I am a writer of short stories and the occasional poem. I always feel slightly pretentious when I say "I am a writer" because in truth I dabble and dib at it very haphazardly. I make the excuse that I am working full time but I know I would approach the activity in much the same way even if I had twenty four hours in the day to write. I don’t write, revise and reconstruct, I simply write from the heart if I have anything to say, and if I'm part way pleased with it then that’s enough for me. If my work raises a smile or a tear or a "what the hell?" then it’s a reaction and that’s fine. My real love is the study of art in all its forms. If I gave up work tomorrow it would be to do an art history degree. I have co written three plays with Brett Wilson and found great enjoyment in that. I am a very visual person and can see those characters on the stage and hear their voices even above my own. Writing can be a very antisocial activity. The plot and characters become so real and hey they are so much more interesting than the people we encounter on a daily basis. I understand what Dickens meant when he said "I have a favourite child and his name is David Copperfield".