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John F Keane

Like many creative people, John F Keane grew up feeling like an outsider and found escape in the magic of books. Thus inspired, he resolved to someday move people with the power of his own words.


Lonely Ways: John F Keane's selected short fiction, 2008-2017: thirteen tales of genes, love machines and digital ghosts; six parables of outcasts, lost texts, and unknown sorrows; nine futures of drones, safe wars and mental castes. Stories where science fiction, social allegory and magic realism meet on the edge of forever.


David has also written the Chav Killer Trilogy:


Contact! introduces us to Greg Black, a man who refuses to back down from the feral underclass terrorizing the streets of Britain. Thrill to his exploits with knife, hammer and bullet as his campaign drives towards a climax that almost defies imagination.


The Superchav sees Greg Black return to Britain, seeking revenge for his mother's murder at the hands of feral youths. The Council Estate of his childhood becomes a killing ground as the Chav Killer exposes a strange and terrible cult.


In Death Dance, Greg Black recounts his last mission to a prison psychiatrist - a quest for vengeance against two feral psychopaths. Despite new identities, both hooded savages soon find themselves in deadly peril. Meanwhile, the New Freedom Party is planning a daring escape...


Ripe with dark humour, piercing social insight and satirical swipes at modern Britain, this trilogy represents an entirely new type of fiction.

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