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David Hynes

Born in Preston, Lancashire, David studied Modern History at St Andrews University where he first came to love poetry in general and war poetry in particular.

In 2004, David completed a Masters Degree in Journalism at Napier University, Edinburgh where he worked for various publications, from newspapers to magazines as well as writing online copy. He loved Edinburgh but his wanderlust exceeded all else and in 2008-2009 he travelled extensively throughout South and Central America where he learnt Spanish and taught English as a foreign language. It was here that David encountered Pablo Neruda’s poetry and learnt about the works of Marquez, Vargas and Borges.

Once back in England, amidst great procrastination, David moved to Didsbury in Manchester in 2010, first for a girl, and then for a job. He is currently self-employed, working as a freelance writer for various online publications.


This Thing of Memory is a new volume of poems by David Hynes, examining the impact of the First World War; its imprint on our memory and conscience, both personal and collective, and the experience of the centenary commemorations: a unique event for each generation. The poems contained in this collection enact a subtle kind of magic, offering a fresh perspective at every turn. From the tragic to the humorous; the original to the vaguely familiar, these verses are as individual as the people reading them, and the people being remembered within their lines.


“This book is not about First World War Poets. Others may choose to revere them. Nor is it about mud, blood and poppycock, nor anything to do with Sassoon, Owen, Rosenberg, Gurney or Graves, except in commemoration. More than anything, I am not concerned with poets, or their war. My subject is the marking of the centenary and the way in which we experience it. All a poet can do today is remember.”

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