Watch this space for further additions to our list of authors.

Meet the Authors:


Ken Champion: is an internationally published poet and writer whose work has appeared in many magazines and anthologies, including Rialto, Smiths Knoll, Magma, African American Review, Iodine Poetry Journal.


Marie Feargrieve: is a regular contributor to The Crazy Oik quarterly. She is the co-author of a novella Street Suite.


Alex Sawyer: makes general comments on the state of the writing world on Facebook and writes short stories, available on Wattpad.


Nasos Steryannis: wrote "Break-Up" in the late 1960s when cold war tension, and political anarchy was at its height. The USA had not yet withdrawn from the Vietnam war and the great cities of the West were sinking in a mire of drugs, corruption and police brutality.


Miriam Wilkinson: was born on 31 Oct 1920 and lived most of her life in the
Ashton-Under-Lyne and Duckinfield areas in Lancashire, England. Influenced by the children's books of A. A. Milne and the literary works of Tolkein,
Wordsworth and William Blake, Miriam spent many years of her life writing poetry and creating various artworks. Her works include many paintings and sewing machine tapestries made with silk. Sadly Miriam passed away in 1989, long before the publication of "The Bangellame" (publication date 05/09/09).


Brett N Wilson: is a poet, playwright essayist and novelist living in Manchester.