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Welcome to the Su Su web-site, a web portal for South Manchester writers. You can purchase books from here by following the links to Lulu, Amazon and CPI Online retail as well as books from independant authors and established book publishers.


Su Su was created by Alex Sawyer and inspired by his cat. The philosophy is simple. Being a writer is hard work. It's a slog. And anything that makes writing and publishing easier can't be all bad? Please see Alex's Facebook page, where he is only too happy to expound on the philosophy of writing.


Our current authors: David Hynes, John F Keane, David Beckler, Miriam Wilkinson, Alex Sawyer, Ken Champion and Brett N Wilson (see "Authors" for an in depth look).


Recent Titles....


Forged In Flames

a Novella by

David Beckler

Ex-Royal Marine and Firefighter, Adam Sterling, rescues Kim from an inferno. She reminds him of someone in his past. Kim is being targeted by a violent arsonist, but why? She’s in witness protection, but even Eddy Arkwright, the policeman investigating her attack, can’t find out. Adam feels compelled to help her, but can he keep her out of the clutches of the people hunting her? He has to use all his abilities

as a fire-fighter plus some older skills as he fights to

survive and save Kim..


Genre: Crime/2019

Kindle, ASIN: B07KYMSCM3, £0.99

Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1999365905, £4.99


The Money Trap

a Novella by

David Beckler

Ex-Royal Marine Byron Mason is used to fighting for survival, but when he comes up against Gideon Metzler, a ruthless financier, he’s out of his comfort zone. He’s building a successful business to support his growing family and stretches his resources to land a big contract. When Metzler puts pressure on him, he worries if he’s made the right decision. But these opportunities don’t come along every day. After a series of misfortunes, he finds himself fighting for the future of his business. He has to dust off old skills whilst trying to master those he needs to survive in a new environment he discovers is as ruthless as any he’s encountered. Alongside Adam Mason, an old comrade, he begins the fightback. But, outnumbered and outgunned, will the two of them survive against a determined enemy? Then Metzler makes an offer which will make his problems disappear. Byron has to choose between the safety of his family and doing the right thing.


Genre: Crime/2019

Kindle, ASIN: B07KYMSCM3, £1.99

Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1999365912 , £4.99


Lonely Ways

a collection of short stories by

John F Keane

John F Keane's selected short fiction, 2008-2017: thirteen tales of genes, love machines and digital ghosts; six parables of outcasts, lost texts, and unknown sorrows; nine futures of drones, safe wars and mental castes. Stories where science fiction, social allegory and magic realism meet on the edge of forever.


Genre: Science Fiction/2018

Kindle Unlimited, ASIN: B079R5MFRY, £0.00

Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1542436892, £7.89


This Thing of Memory

a collection of poetry by

David Hynes

This Thing of Memory is a new volume of poems by David Hynes, examining the impact of the First World War; its imprint on our memory and conscience, both personal and collective, and the experience of the centenary commemorations: a unique event for each generation. The poems contained in this collection enact a subtle kind of magic, offering a fresh perspective at every turn. From the tragic to the humorous; the original to the vaguely familiar, these verses are as individual as the people reading them, and the people being remembered within their lines.


Genre: Poetry/2017

Kindle: ASIN: B00OHWSLSK, £2.23/£0.00 (unlimited)

Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1910603017, £7.99



a novel by


Chief Inspector Eric Blair and new team member Sergeant Lauren Kissan are investigating three murders that occurred ten years before. Now the killings have begun again and this time they have put themselves in the firing line. The obsessive Chief Inspector is his own worst enemy and his attraction to his new protégé doesn’t help. His best friend and colleague Doctor Toby Myel is trying to save them both.


Genre: Crime-Horror/2017

ISBN: 978-0-9561936-5-0
Paperback: £11.99



a collection of short stories by


A collection of short fictional works including Letters from the Hedge, All of Me and My Frankenstein.


Genre: Fiction/2017

ISBN: 978-1-9999275-0-9
Paperback: £10.99

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