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Su Su was started by Alex Sawyer and inspired by his cat. The philosophy is simple. Being a writer is hard work. It's a slog. And anything that makes writing and publishing easier can't be all that bad? Please see Alex's Facebook page, where he is only too happy to expound on the philosophy of writing.


Our current authors: Brett N Wilson, Miriam Wilkinson, Marie Feargrieve, Alex Sawyer, Ken Champion and Nasos Steryannis (see "Authors" for an in depth look).


Recent Titles....



a collection of stories by


Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin has a problem. How to get from the stateroom back to his apartment, dressed in a tutu without his general staff seeing him. A young man ponders the mysterious messages left by his grandfather on a library ceiling. Fuckup has the best heroin in the world stuffed into an Aldi shopping bag. All he has to do is avoid death and get it back to his boss, tout suite. These and several other fables populate Stalin's Breakfast, a new set of short stories by Brett N Wilson.

ISBN: 978-0-9561936-3-6
Genre: Literature
Price (U.K). £6.99



a novel by


In the future all men are blind. Into this world come 196 metallic cubes, which allow humans to travel anywhere they can imagine. But somewhere in the heavens a force is coming to destroy mankind and take the cubes as their own. Only Ministry 10 employee, George Danby and accidental messiah David Travers know what is really going on. They are joined by sex addict Denise Wildhope, a man who has been sleeping for 400 years, and trigger happy assassin Lucy Harrington, in their attempt to save the future.


ISBN: 978-0-9561936-7-4
Genre: Science Fiction
Price (U.K.): £9.99